Wet Republic is an alluring 54,500-square-foot venue comprised of intimate dipping pools, daybeds, banquets, tricked-out bungalows and party cabanas. The adult pool destination features an open-air covered lounge serving as a place to mix, mingle, dance and dine. The hottest DJ entertainers headline weekly events – transforming the expansive, larger-than-life sundeck into a stage and making Wet Republic the must-see destination for premier entertainment.

Wet Republic’s Friday afternoon staple Hot 100 event is a 16-week competition to determine who gets crowned “Las Vegas’ Hottest.” Pool partiers, friends, fans and judges determine the winner. As the weeks go by and the competition narrows, things get that much wilder. So you’ve been to a beauty pageant before? Well, erase everything you know because it’s Vegas after all.

It’s All Out War

The Hot 100 event has always offered some of Las Vegas’ most beautiful women their shot at a bounty of cash and prizes. But never have they had the opportunity to bring home one million dollars… until now. And with that big of a prize, there’s no telling what the contestants might do to win. Using greed as our inspiration, we turned our sweet and lovely contestants into vandals and saboteurs to create the It’s All Out War campaign. We started with a typical bikini contest ad you’d expect to see in the Las Vegas market but then we added some facial hair, scars, horns and an eye patch. Then we pulled a few teeth.


We wanted to continue down the path of vandalism for our outdoor marketing but wanted to ensure it still looked like realistic graffiti. On-property and off-property signage stayed consistent with the ad campaign. But for our large 60′ x 20′ billboards in strategically targeted markets, we added small extensions to already provocative artwork featuring a life-size contestant standing on a ladder, spray painting over one of the contestants featured on the billboard.


For our print campaign we turned some of Wet Republic’s most beautiful contestants into graffiti artists, but that wasn’t enough. For social media, we had our contestants put on their saboteur hat and do some damage to each other in a series of short videos.

Standing in front of a mirror, our competitors are ready to make their way to the contest. They’ve spent hours doing their hair and makeup and have been in the gym for months preparing for their chance at one million dollars. But while working on the final touches, their chances of winning are drenched by incoming water balloons, champagne showers, pool inflatables, and even cakes, thrown by saboteurs who are also competing.

CNET Fell For It

As the Defcon hacker convention kicked off, CNET writers were on the lookout for hacker attacks on the Las Vegas hospitality industry’s websites. And when they spotted the It’s All Out War artwork on Wet Republic’s website, it looked like other attacks they’d seen throughout the week. So they called MGM Resorts to report the issue… only to find out it was just an ad campaign. Click the preview image below for the full story.

Behind the Scenes