Home to world-famous DJs Calvin Harris, Tiësto and Steve Aoki, Hakkasan, located in MGM Grand on the Las Vegas strip, is one of the most exciting and successful nightlife/restaurant venues ever conceived. The nightclub at Hakkasan is the bold evolution of the prestigious global restaurant brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience. Hakkasan Nightclub offers a diverse nightlife experience with a variety of areas and atmospheres, cutting-edge technology and inspired design immersed in three levels of refined decadence.

Watchers of the Wall

When given the opportunity to develop a new concept for Hakkasan Nightclub’s Halloween Weekend, everyone on the team had the same thing in mind – Game of Thrones. Surprisingly, no other nightlife brand had launched a GOT-themed event. So we decided to piggyback off the hype of HBO’s most-watched show in history to see what we could do. Helping the campaign come to life is the massive wall located at the entrance of Hakkasan which resembles “The Wall” in Game of Thrones. Using the wall as a springboard for inspiration, we named the event Watchers of the Wall and added the only suitable tagline: “Halloween is Coming”.

Teaser Video

To announce the Watchers of the Wall campaign, we were asked to create a teaser video. But I wanted to create something very different compared to the typical b-roll videos you see nearly every Las Vegas nightclub run to promote big weekends. Working with our production partner, we created a suspenseful story that plays more like a trailer for a full length feature film, rather than a nightclub promotional video.

This short film tells the dramatic tale of a princess and her squire alone in their castle as winter, and all that comes with it, approaches. The wind is howling and heavy snow has started to fall. Someone, or something, is outside the castle walls and it wants to come in. Will they be able to send a raven for help in time – or will it be too late.

Beyond the Wall

The hype around Game of Thrones kept growing and Watchers of the Wall proved to be successful so it only made sense to follow up the following year with another GOT theme. We wanted to keep the tagline “Halloween is Coming” but advance the storyline, so we named the event: Beyond the Wall. To play off of the “Fire and Ice” aspect of Game of Thrones, we created a set of animations for each artist. Did they want to be on the side of the dragons or were they with the White Walkers? This allowed the artists to take sides and be interactive with the campaign.

Staff Campaign

For Beyond the Wall we wanted to do something special for social that would also generate industry buzz. We ended up photographing over 150 staff from the nightclub and corporate office, creating “fire and ice” artwork for each of them to choose from and post on their social channels. This resulted in hundreds of organic social media posts and interactions.

Behind the Scenes